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Providing Practical User-Friendly Resources for Busy Teachers

There are so many wonderful and effective teaching ideas and strategies just waiting to be discovered and used in the classroom. Yet most of us don't have the time or money to attend full-day or multiple-day presentations across the country.

Even with a principal who schedules meaningful staff development workshops, there are only so many that can be offered each year. So how can you get the training you need?

With Inspiring Teachers!

Join us in our online webinars perfect for busy teachers, each only an hour or so in length! Our mission is to empower teachers with ideas and strategies that will translate into successful learning experiences for students. The sessions are developed to provide teachers with bite-sized information about a variety of topics that affect student learning.

Our goal is to eventually have webinars not only on a variety of topics, but at a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level as well. Each level will provide more in-depth information and implementation of effective teaching strategies and philosophies.

Each webinar will be available for purchase as an on-demand presentation that can be viewed at your leisure. As busy as you are, what could be better than a course you can take when your schedule allows it? When finished, you can email the presenter with any questions you have about the information.

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Light the fire of learning in your classroom with ideas from Inspiring Teachers!

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