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Professional Organizations

Empowering Educators Around the World

Why Join a Professional Organization?

Every teacher should join some sort of professional organization for the following reasons:
  1. Support from other teachers
    Every teacher needs to have a support system in place. Professional Organizations have many veteran teachers that can offer you the help you need. Also, it is nice to have a friendly ear to listen to your concerns. In addition, if you are having severe problems with your administrator (or someone else in the school), the organization will often provide a non-partial 3rd party to investigate the situation.

  2. Malpractice Insurance
    You never know when a parent or guardian is going to sue you for something you did (or didn't do) in the classroom. It is better to be prepared for this possibility than not!

  3. Annual Conferences
    Conferences are fun to go to and usually only members are allowed to attend. Veteran teachers give workshops that offer new ideas and fun projects to try in the classroom. Also, it is nice to get away & talk with teachers from other cities and states.

  4. Meetings and Newsletters
    Try to attend your organization's meetings regularly. It can be hard to do when you are swamped with papers to grade and lesson plans to write, but is so worth it. At these meetings teachers have a place to discuss their concerns as well as get new ideas. New legislation and how it will affect you is often a topic of discussion! Stay alert and be aware of changes in the profession!

National Educators Association - NEA
NEA is a national organization that provides many resources to teachers. Some of their services to members include: Legal help, Newsletters, Information about current legislation, etc. See your school representative to join.

The NEA web site provides curriculum and other resources free of charge to all teachers.

National Association for Beginning Teachers - NABT
The NABT is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to building a bridge of communication between beginning educators, years 1-3. The organization is dedicated to giving new teachers the support, expertise, and tools to help guide students along the path of educational improvement, community involvement, and improved self-esteem.

Memberships are now available. For more information, click on their name above.

National Substitute Teachers Alliance
The NSTA is a new non-profit group dedicated to helping substitute teachers. Substitute teachers will find professional training and development, help with grievance and other issues as well as a forum for networking with other substitute teachers.

National Middle School Association - NMSA
The NMSA was formed to provide support and resources to teachers in the Middle School. They offer information and help with Teaming and other issues related to middle school students.

The NMSA web site offers information and resources for middle school teachers.

American Federation of Teachers - AFT
This is a Union organization primarily made of school personnel including teachers, paraprofessionals and other school employees. They offer services similar to those provided by NEA to their members.

Other Important Associations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - NCTM

National Science Teachers Association - NSTA

National Council of Teachers of English - NCTE

International Reading Association - IRA

National Council for Social Studies - NCS

National Art Education Association - NAEA

Music Teachers National Association - MTNA

The Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders - CCBD

The Council for Exceptional Children - CEC

The Wisconsin Kindergarten Association

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