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List of Life Skills

A vital part of the classroom today is the teaching of Life Skills to our students. These skills should be posted in the classroom and should be taught as situations arrive. We all have teachable moments when an event leads us right into a discussion about one or more of these skills. However, I also enjoyed linking certain Life Skills to my units of study. By using these words and phrases consistently, my students take ownership of them, and understand that these are the skills that will help them to be successful in life!


INTEGRITY: To act according to what is right and wrong
(Integridad): Actuar (decidir) de acuerdo con lo que es bueno y malo

INITIATIVE: To do something because it needs to be done
(Inciativa): Hacer algo porque se necesita hacer

FLEXIBILITY: The ability to alter plans when necessary
(Flexibilidad): La destreza de cambiar los planes cuando sea necesario

PERSEVERANCE: To keep at it (and not give up)
(Perseverancia): Nunca darse por vencido

ORGANIZATION: To work in an orderly way
(Organizacion): Trabajar en una forma ordenada

SENSE OF HUMOR: To laugh and be playful without hurting others
(Un sentido de buen humor): Reir y tener buen humor sin lastimar a otros

EFFORT: To do your very best
(Esfuerzo): Hacer siempre lo mejor posible

COMMON SENSE: To think everything through
(Sentido comun): Pensarlo bien

PROBLEM-SOLVING: To seek solutions
(Resolviendo problemas): Buscar soluciones

RESPONSIBILITY: To do what is right
(Responsabilidad): Hacer el bien que nos corresponde

PATIENCE: To wait calmly
(Paciencia): Esperar con calma

FRIENDSHIP: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
(Amistad): Hacer y mantener un amigo por medio de confianza y carino mutuo

CURIOSITY: To investigate and seek understanding
(Curiosidad): Investigar y buscar comprension

COOPERATION: To work together toward a common goal (purpose)
(Cooperacion): Trabajar juntos hacia una meta comun

CARING: To show/ feel concern
(Caridad): Manifestar y sentir empatia

This list of life skills is courtesy of Susan Kovalik & Associates. The Spanish translation was done by R. Leal.

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