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Inspirational / Humorous Stories

Snow Poetry



Snowflakes white are dancing down,
Dancing, dancing all around.
Each one so different, it's surely true.
Here's one for me and one for you!

January Thaw by Margaret Hillert

The sun came out,
And the snowman cried.
His tears ran down
Til the spot was cleared.
He cried so hard
he disappeared!

Poems with no titles by A. Fisher

It's quick and it's quiet!
It's soft and it's light.
It's free -- you can't buy it.
It just comes in white.

It's twirly, it's whirly.
It makes quite a show.
What is it in winter? Does anyone know?

Chilly, brilly winter day.
Snowman round and fat.
I wonder if his head is cold
Because he has no hat?


I made myself a snowball
As perfect as can be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then last night it ran away,
But first -- it wet the bed!

I'm a Friendly Snowman by Shel Silverstein

I'm a friendly snowman, big and fat,
Here is my tummy and here is my hat.
I'm a happy fellow, here's my nose
I'm all snow from my head to my toes.
I have two bright eyes so I can see
All the snow falling down on me.
When the weather's cold, I'm strong and tall,
But when it's warm, I get very small.


Down, down and down it falls,
The bushes look like popcorn balls.
The places where I usually play
Look like somewhere else today.

ICE by Dorothy Aldis

When it is the winter time
I run up the street
And I make the ice laugh
With my little feet --
"Crickle, crackle, crickle

The More It Snows by A.A. Milne

The more it snows ~~
tiddely pom,
The more it goes ~~
tiddely pom,
The more it goes ~~
tiddely pom
On snowing ~~

And nobody knows~~
tiddely pom,
How cold my toes ~~
tiddely pom,
Are growing.

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