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Inspirational / Humorous Stories

Back to School Teacher Blues

Back To School Blues For Teachers

Oh where did the summer go, it's lazy days all too soon slipped away,
Didn't I just pack up my classroom and strip the walls bare in silence lay?
Vacation seemed to pass so quickly and the new school year looms in view.
I'm getting a migraine just thinking of all the things to do.

I think fondly of beaches, clear blue water and white sand
Of sunsets and picnics and picturesque lands.
But I quickly snap back as I make my list of things to do,
My brain is so taxed as I think this new year through.

Time to unpack, stock and plan lessons without end,
Do bulletins boards, centers, and write letters to send.
I'm pulled away by meetings and workshops to bear,
I'm bombarded with papers and agendas to share.

I need desperately to work in my classroom, my nerves to steady,
My room is a disaster, for that ominous first day, will I EVER be ready?
Time to think of each new student and what new experiences they will bring,
I'm getting that all too familiar excitement when I hear the school bells ring.

And even though I'm exhausted already, and knee deep in paper and books,
I imagine the first day with all the anticipation and nervous looks.
I can put aside all the hours and hours I prepare,
And think of these bright minds that I'll open with care.

Just maybe I'm getting that teaching passion anew,
And amidst all the yet million things to do,
I yearn for the difference I'll make in each life,
I put aside my weariness and my overwhelming strife.

And I look to this new year as fresh and alive,
With possibilities to make great strides.
So I persevere and push on with all the preparations,
I slog through the posters, the folders and decorations.

To welcome my students into a haven of learning,
To open my arms and meet each yearning.
Yes, I miss vacation and the endless summer sun,
But I look forward to each young life, so my quest has begun.

- Heather Skipworth Craven, Heather's Bells, August 2005

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